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What’s louder than an elephant one minute and as soft as a mouse the next? (Parents should recognize this one!) It’s a child! If you like the mouse-like, quiet kind of newborn, there are some items you should be aware of concerning oral health for children. Use the suggestions below to help your infant keep strong oral health, and come stop by for a visit so that we can give them the professional care they deserve.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is to set them on a tooth-friendly diet. Instead of sodas, juices, potato chips and candies, give fresh vegetables and whole grains. As they progress, they’ll start to opt for these types of foods by themselves, and their mouth and gums will be all-the-better for it.

Teach your child to drink from a regular cup by the time they are one year old. Extended use of safety cups and sippy cups can hurt the alignment of the teeth and could result in professional surgery to fix.

Finally, make sure you’re training your child to brush their teeth daily. If they’re below two years of age, speak with us about whether using toothpaste is suitable. If they’re old enough to brush their teeth on their own, supervise them to ensure they’re brushing for the full two minutes and that they’re not swallowing the toothpaste.

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