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As you get older, your teeth get older too. Although your teeth and gums will age, with the right oral health care you can make sure your teeth will last as long as you do.

Don’t let old age ruin your perfect smile. Listed below are some common questions about aging and dental health:

Which of the following bad habits can also damage your smile?
a.) Smoking
b.) Chewing Tobacco
c.) Heavy Drug Use
d.) All of the Above

Which type of brush head bristles work best?
a.) Soft Bristles
b.) Hard Bristles
c.) No Bristles

Which of the following habits can improve your smile?
a.) Running five miles every day
b.) Brushing twice daily and flossing everyday
c.) Drinking tea every morning for breakfast
d.) All of the Above

Which form of toothbrush works best?
a.) Traditional toothbrush
b.) Electric toothbrush
c.) Long brush head with extra bristles
d.) Whichever one suits your needs the best

Answer Key: d, a, b, d

Keeping your teeth healthy long term begins with keeping your teeth safe and clean. If you would like to schedule an oral examination at John J. Andre, DDS & Associates, simply call our dentist office in Louisa, Virginia, at our number (540) 967-0777. Dr. John J. Andre and our entire team look forward to making your smile shine!