Advantage Saving Plan allows our patients to receive dental services at reduced prices in our office. Unlike conventional insurance plans, with our savings plan there are no deductibles, no yearly maximums, and no waiting periods to begin treatment. Savings begin immediately upon registration. If individual or family has other insurance then the greatest adjustment will be taken, but can’t be combined with the Advantage Savings Plan adjustment.

Advantage Savings Plan Includes:

  • INCLUDED teeth cleanings benefits (two per policy year).
  • INCLUDED fluoride varnish treatments for patients under 18. (two per policy year)
  • INCLUDED emergency exam (1 per policy year).
  • INCLUDED initial or periodic dental exam (up to two per policy year).
  • INCLUDED All x-rays needed to compete annual exam(s).
  • A 20% savings on general and major dental procedures
  • 50% off full mouth x-rays and panorex x-rays with no date limit.
  • 20% savings on general therapy including composite and amalgam dental procedures.
  • 20% savings on periodontal therapy including periodontal maintenance procedures.
  • 20% savings on root canal therapy.
  • 20% savings on all major dental procedures including crowns, bridges, partial implants and dentures.
  • A $250 savings on initial orthodontic treatment.
  • 20% savings on retainers and night guards.
  • A 20% savings on all OTC products including in=-house prescriptions excluding electric toothbrushes and waterpiks

The fee paid for advantage Savings Plan is for included services. A savings will be applied to other procedures for payment, made in full, at the time of service. The initial fee is $319.99 for one individual and $299.99 for each additional family member. Fees are due and payable when services are rendered and are non-refundable when services have been provided. Savings duration is for one year from registration date. All patient portions for services received are due at the time of services to receive plan savings. Please notify our office at least 48 hours in advance if you must change your reserved appointment. Fees charged are not membership fees and all fees paid are for included services only.

Limitations and Exclusions:

  • All Fees are due and payable when services are rendered and are non-refundable when services have been provided
  • Specifically, Fees for prosthodontic (dentures) and cost restorations (crowns, in-lays, on-lays, veneers, implants, etc) are due at the prep appointment, in order to receive savings.

There are no refunds your Savings Plan Fee WHEN any services have been rendered.

Any unused services within your Dental Savings Plan are nontransferable to other patients regardless of the service and do not roll over from year to year

  • Any missed appointments or cancellations not made within 48 hours of the appointment may be charged a $30.00 broken appointment fee
  • Additional emergency exams will receive a 20% savings

***Please note: Periodontal Disease usually requires 3-4 month recall appointments. The additional 1 to 2 cleanings per policy year (periodontal maintenance will receive a 20% savings). The simple cleaning benefit included will be applied to the costs of your periodontal maintenance cleanings two times in your plan year every 6 months.