fastbracesTraditional bracket and wire braces are still the most time-tested, effective solution in correcting advanced bite alignment issues. Our dentists at John J. Andre, DDS & Associates offer comfortable, effective bracket and wire braces using Fastbraces® orthodontic technology. We invite you to call our office today at 804-346-8330 for our Glen Allen location or (540) 967-0777 for our Louisa location to make your appointment with Drs. Andre and Hall and learn more about Fastbraces.

Fastbraces® are designed to straighten your teeth faster to help you achieve your personal perfect smile much more quickly. They are a safe, affordable alternative to traditional braces, and can straighten your smile in an average of one year. In some cases, Fastbraces can even straighten your teeth in just a few months.

Fastbraces technology relies on a patented triangular bracket design, a special heat-activated wire, and cutting-edge techniques to straighten both the roots of your teeth and the teeth themselves simultaneously, increasing the speed and efficiency of your treatment while minimizing your discomfort.

Our practice uses the highest quality material to offer maximum effectiveness, discretion, and comfort throughout your treatment. Fastbraces are available with both metal and ceramic brackets.

For more information on the benefits of Fastbraces, and to schedule your consultation with our dentists, please contact our practice today.