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If you take a look at the chewing surfaces of your child’s back teeth, you may see some deep fissures and pits. These deep textures are normal and help the molars and premolars perform the function of grinding up and chewing tough foods. However, deeply pitted areas can also prevent these teeth from being properly cleaned. Our dentist can help you determine if your child’s back teeth would benefit from the protection of dental sealants for their current and future dental health.

Deep fissures allow food particles and plaque to accumulate and lead to tooth decay, and when this occurs in the back teeth, cavities can result in the need for large dental fillings, which can increase the likelihood of dental risks later in life.

To create dental sealants, Dr. John J. Andre and our team use durable plastic-resin that is very long lasting. The resin is applied to the molars’ and premolars’ chewing surfaces and then hardened with a special ultraviolet light. Our dentist can place dental sealants in just a few minutes at the end of your child’s dental cleaning and exam.

Dental sealants function to prevent food particles and plaque from invading the deep fissures in the surface of the back teeth, and their durability prevents them from being worn away by toothbrushes and dental floss. In fact, they can last for many years, protecting your child’s teeth.

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