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The development of tooth damage can greatly weaken a tooth and even lead to tooth loss, but our team offers many options for dental restorations to help you preserve your natural smile. For example, we can provide dental crowns to protect the tooth and improve its strength and appearance. We invite you to learn more about the ways that dental crowns help teeth when other dental restorations may not be a good match.

If you have severe tooth damage, you may need dental crowns to completely cover the whole tooth in order to preserve the structure and enable the tooth to contribute to your oral function. The following scenarios highlight some of the uses of a dental crown:

– Broken teeth can have their pieces held together with dental crowns to maintain their function and strength so that they don’t need to be extracted.
– When a large cavity affects enough healthy tooth structure that the tooth can’t support a dental filling, we can place a dental crown over the filling to bond it to the tooth structure.

– Multiple dental treatments on a tooth can be concealed by a dental crown to strengthen the tooth structure and restore a pleasing appearance.

– Dental crowns can also serve as preventive dental care for children with a high risk of cavities because they cover and protect the natural tooth, keeping it safe from bacteria.

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