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Did you know that our teeth are unique, like fingerprints. Everyone has different teeth, even identical twins. And your teeth can tell something about you. They have a tale to tell. Your teeth may even be able to predict the future! How? I’m glad you asked.

Your central incisors can tell your age. The younger you are, the more rectangular they will be, with rounded corners. The older you are, they will be shorter with squared-off corners.

Nervous Habits:
If you are stressed out, there will be evidence of teeth grinding. If you nervously bite your nails, there will be small chips or cracks, and your teeth will be uneven on the tips. If you’re insecure and regularly seek comfort, your protruding front teeth will give you away as a thumb-sucker. If it’s bad, you may have an uneven bite and speech impediments.

Your dentist is trained to diagnose you by looking at your teeth. He (or she) can detect that you may have a sinus infection if your teeth look healthy but you complain of upper teeth pain. If you have swollen gums, loose teeth and/or cavities it may mean that you have diabetes. Vitamin deficiencies are prevalent among patients that display weak tooth enamel, and changes in the texture of the tongue.

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